The first video in the TASBot Re: (TASBot Revisited) series is out! TASBot Re: Gradius covers our first run from AGDQ 2014.

Historians wanted: Inquire here.


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TASBot has been at a number of events, many benefiting different charity organizations:

Charity events TASBot has been to in Chronological order include:

Another list from dwango:

  • Awesome Games Done Quick
  • Summer Games Done Quick
  • Games Done Quick Express
  • TwitchCon
  • This Week in Tech
  • GeekPwn
  • Calithon
  • Thotcon
  • Bot Bash Charity Brawl
  • Bot Bash Spooky Cup
  • BattleBots Skorpios team participation
  • BattleBots Skorpios team sponsorship
  • European Speedrun Assembly
  • Rocket Beans
  • May Contain Hackers
  • Super MAGFest
  • MAGWest
  • RPG Limit Break
  • Desert Tesla Charity Drive
  • TASGiving
  • Questing for Glory
  • Buckeye Speed Bash
  • Other events and happenings I've forgotten about


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