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Awesome Games Done Quick 2019

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Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 was held from Sun, Jan 6th 2019 to Sun, Jan 13th 2019, raising $2,394,668 for the The Prevent Cancer Foundation. All TASBot runs at AGDQ 2019 were shown in a block on Fri, Jan 11th 2019.

Runs presented


Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow

Super Scribblenauts MASHBot
Game(s) Super Scribblenauts
Platform(s) NDS
Author(s) Chef Stef, Kiwisauce
Lead(s) Funkmastermp
Presenter(s) dwangoAC, Funkmastermp, Chef_Stef, Thomas, SighnWaive
Video(s) TASBot (YouTube), GDQ (YouTube)

The Super Scribblenauts run for AGDQ2019 was the first time the TASBot community attempted physical input on an unmodified console. Via hardware developed by Funkmastermp, we were able to slide in a standard Nintendo DS and provide touch input to the console. The run consisted of 3 distinct components: The MASHBot hardware, a twitch connector for creating polls, and the DS hardware itself.

Headed by Funkmastermp, the TASBot group arrived on stage and began setting up. Once finished and microphoned, DwangoAC introduced the run and passed the reigns to Funkmastermp for the rest of the run.

The format of the run was as such:

After booting the game and explaining the premise, a level was selected. After the level was selected and the challenge was read, twitch chat was given a poll with multiple answers to select. The answer with the most votes was then fed into the TAS through manual input at the console. After the solution was selected, MASHBot then utilized multiple stepper motors to interact with the screen of the Nintendo DS to complete the puzzle. Finally, we would move on to the next challenge, until the run completed.

The run frequently referenced "Dead Lions", which is a longstanding meme in the Scribblenauts community. Ultimately, every option including the "dead lion solution" was chosen by twitch chat.

Fun fact: Multiple members of the tasbot team were fully aware that a number of the solutions were quite "meme-y" and hedged a few bets that twitch chat would choose those options. To that end, the results of the poll were never manipulated - but some of the options, if selected, would have caused serious issues as they had not written a TAS for that solution!

Even more fun fact: The file name of "Sara" was used because the game cartridge was donated by TASBot member Taters. The cartridge was the childhood possession of Taters's sister, who's name is Sara.

A somewhat informative and maybe fun fact: During the run, live at AGDQ 2019, there is an empty chair on stage. This chair is empty due to the sudden and drastic realization from Taters who was on stage previously discovering a previously unknown anxiety issue and vacating the stage during the MariO run.