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Travis (TiKevin83) McGeehan is a Full Stack Developer at Gordon Food Service using a React Native, Kotlin, and GitLab CI stack. He holds the TAS records in Pokemon Yellow's NSC and Glitchless categories, and also made a short Old School Runescape series playing a character exclusively with a Game Boy Advance SP as a controller to emulate a mouse + keyboard. His name derives from the TI-83 calculator, which he is proficient in the TI-BASIC variant for and still code golfing occasionally in the language, combined with the name "Kevin" from his friend Brad's cousin whose Pokemon emerald cartridge we borrowed frequently. Recently he's created RGBScaler to upscale retro video game footage precisely in the browser, and T3Boy, which enables the same TAS core we use for creating verifiable Game Boy TASes to be played in the browser.

TiKevin83 has represented the community at a number of events, including:

GDQx 2018

MAGFest 2019

AGDQ 2020

AGDQ 2021 Freedom Planet Link's Awakening

MAGFest 2022 Game Boy Emulation Advancements

MAGFest 2023

JSWorld 2023 Preserving Retro Game Footage with RGBScaler

React Summit 2023 Preserving Retro Game Footage with RGBScaler (shorter talk)

Michigan Typescript 06-23 Intersection of Typescript and Speedrunning including RGBScaler

Long Island Retro Gaming Expo 2023

LTX 2023

MAGFest 2024

GRWebDev 03-24 Intersection of Web Development and Speedrunning including RGBScaler and T3Boy

Midwest Gaming Classic 2024