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TASBot events pages

TASBot content has been at many events, and one of the primary goals of the TASBot wiki is to document what was shown and provide attribution to the people who helped make event content. These guidelines help describe what information to include on an event page and where to source the information. The page SGDQ 2016 is an example event page.

Information sources

TASBot content has been documented on several pages, many of them in the TASVideos wiki. A primary source of information, especially for earlier runs, is the page at that was used as the basis of the History page. Additionally, individual run pages at include several event-specific pages. The site has a dedicated page as well as event-specific pages with information on the dates of each event, the charity beneficiary, and the total raised. The official site lists many event runs. Several events had extensive discussion threads on TASVideos, while newer events had more discussion on the TASBot Discord server. The GDQ donations page has a list of all donation incentives on the page.

For events other than GDQ, often times it will be necessary to locate information in Discord and old discussion threads.

Event page layout

For each event page, create a header including the full name of the event, the dates it was held, the total raised, and which charity was the beneficiary. Any other top-of-page event-wide information would also go above the fold. For instance, the description

Summer Games Done Quick 2016 was held from {{pretty date|2016-07-03}} to {{pretty date|2016-07-09}}, raising ${{formatnum:1298544}} for [[Doctors Without Borders]]. All TASBot runs at SGDQ 2016 were shown in a block on {{pretty date|2016-07-09}}.

is an example that uses 2 templates (technically, a template and a magic word).

Add an {{infobox appearance}} template below the main event short description and include all relevant event-wide information.

For each run or showcase in the event, edit Template:Format run data, following the instructions there to add run/showcase entries. Include a link to each contributor the first time they appear in each run/showcase list. Add an entry such as {{format run data|showcase|SML2 Memory Tour}} to this page. Include any additional information about the run below the showcase template, including links to any articles or discussion threads about the development of the run/showcase.

Provide any additional references at the bottom of the page where applicable.