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TASBot Wiki:Contribution guidelines

From TASBot Wiki

Thank you for showing interest in wanting to contribute to the TASBot Wiki. To ensure that you are within our content guidelines, please ensure that your content falls within the rules defined below:

  1. All content on this wiki is PG
  2. Where possible, provide documentation and related content
  3. Hateful or targeted content will not be tolerated
  4. Where possible, refrain from content that is biased

The TASBot Wiki is intended to be free-use and accurate for everyone, and community driven. As such, all information provided is expected to be within the guidelines above. If any information is found to be outside these guidelines, it will be either edited or removed depending on the content.

As within the TASBot community, please remember to treat the contributors of this Wiki as you would others, as you would your game, and your console:

  • TASBot is always fair (he never cheats)
  • TASBot does not boast (he lets others do that for him)
  • TASBot never lets his emotions control him (to a fault - maybe we can teach him)
  • TASBot listens (for when he should push buttons)
  • TASBot never causes others pain (he never tries to break things permanently)
  • TASBot supports others (he is here to help humans play games)
  • TASBot never gives up (he keeps going even if he desyncs)

Remember that humans are not robots and make many more mistakes; please have grace with them when they do.

See TASBot_Wiki:Events_Contributions and TASBot Wiki:Village pump for more information.