The first video in the TASBot Re: (TASBot Revisited) series is out! TASBot Re: Gradius covers our first run from AGDQ 2014.

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Taters brought TASBot to the tournament and presented Bruno_Visnadi's SNES Super Mario World "Warps" on the speedrunning stream. Stump hosted the run and the stream.

A recording of the presentation is available on youtube.

The script for the run was a collaboration between Taters, GlitchCat7, and Masterjun.


This run started as a passing conversation between TASBot members and RGBLAN staff at MAGfest 2024. Well known runner and frequent contributor to TASBot projects Stump had been given the responsibility of putting together a speedrunning stage at this event and was looking for content. TASBot keeper Taters was close to the event and willing to provide.

The selection of the run was heavily dependant on both the target timeframe for the block and Taters' ability to solo commentate. As a recreational runner of Super Mario World and Kaizo romhacks, it was felt that an SMW run was the best fit for the venue. Due to the time constraints and overall complexity, it was determined to focus on a run that had been console verified but not do a live verification at the event.

The script was written in two parts, technical and introductory. Taters wrote the introductory script and the technical details were provided by GlitchCat7 and Masterjun.

Fun Facts

There were minor technical difficulties as part of the run. Initially it was expected that the video encode would be run from Taters' laptop directly on stage allowing the commentator to start the run. However, due to some compatibility mismatch with video signals, the run was played from the production desk. All members of the team who happen to be seasoned IT professionals entirely lacked any form of external storage to transfer the encode. However, the next runner happened to have a spare microSD card and a reader was found to transfer the files.

This event marks the first time that Taters has appeared on camera since discovering significant issues with anxiety and stage fright. Picked up by a hot mic on stage after the run, the live stream was treated to a joking comment from Taters about not having passed out "not even once" during the run.