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This template can be used to display the chosen pronouns (in English only) of any editor/user of this wiki. It can't be used for someone without an account here. Also note that the gender options in MediaWiki are epicene/fem./masc., and so "it", "one", and neopronouns are unavailable (more could be added but many, many system strings would need updating). Actually I think re-implementing this with metatemplate tricks, which would allow this to be used for people without an account, would also allow for arbitrary sets of pronouns. --yoshi

Usage: {{p|Username|case}}, where Username is a username without the "User:" prefix, and case is one of the below keywords. Consult the English Wikipedia for a refresher on English pronouns.

  • they for the subjective case (results in "he", "she", or "they")
    • equivalents: nominative, subject, subjective, sub, and he/she
  • them for the objective case (results in "him", "her", or "them")
    • equivalents: accusative, object, oblique, objective, dative, prepositional, obj, him/her, and him
  • their for the possessive determiner (results in "his", "her", or "their")
    • equivalents: genitive, possessive, pos, his/her, and his
  • theirs for the possessive pronoun (results in "his", "hers", or "theirs")
    • equivalents: genitive pronoun, possessive pronoun, poss, his/hers, and hers
  • themself for the reflexive case (results in "himself", "herself", or "themself")
    • equivalents: reflexive2, intensive2, himself/herself2
    • themselves for the reflexive case with the alternate epicene form (results in "himself", "herself", or "themselves")
      • equivalents: reflexive, intensive, and himself/herself

If omitted, the second parameter defaults to they, i.e. the subjective case.


  • {{p|DummyAccM|them}} ⟶ him
  • {{p|DummyAccF|themself}} ⟶ herself
  • {{p|DummyAccNB|their}} ⟶ their
  • {{p|DummyAccM|they}} ⟶ he
  • {{p|DummyAccF|theirs}} ⟶ hers
  • {{p|DummyAccNB}} ⟶ they

The word can be capitalised with the {{ucfirst:}} magic word: {{ucfirst:{{p|DummyAccF}}}} ⟶ She

Copied from the English Wikipedia's {{gender}}.

The below documentation is automatically generated from JSON.

It can be changed by editing this page, but note that it's only the documentation (for the visual editor)—the actual template part must also be edited, manually.

Replaces a pronoun (in English only) with the equivalent that matches the chosen gender of any editor/user of this wiki.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

TASBot Wiki Username1

omit "User:"

Dummy Pronoun2

one of: they, them, their, theirs, themself, themselves