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TASBot Assembly

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  1. Fastener Hardware
TASBot Fastener Hardware
McMaster P/N Description Location Count
93625a100 M3 Locknut Mount Spine to Base 4
92125A134 16mm M3 Flat Head Screw Mount Spine to Base, Hands to Arms 6
93475A210 M3 Washer Mount Spine to Base 4
92095A212 16mm M5 Button Head Screw Mount Head to Neck 2
93625A200 M5 Locknut Mount Head to Neck 2
97654A676 10mm M3 Flanged Screw Pin Inner and Outer Spine, Join Torso Halves 5
91292A113 10mm M3 Socket Head Screw Pin Torso to Spine 1
93849A102 M4 Thick Washer Join Torso Halves 4
9262K174 O-ring 10mm-id 14mm-od 2mm thick Neck friction 2