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TASBot is our cute robot mascot representative of the entire TASBot community (especially on Discord) that plays games at Charity events.


R.O.B. prototype TASBot

TASBot started life as a R.O.B. robot with Legos and a wire to drive his LED.

TASBot in R.O.B. form held by dwangoAC

TASBot-X project

TASBot's R.O.B. base was replaced through a multiyear community effort in the TASBot-X project which resulted in his current form.

TASBot as an individual

TASBot had more than one body even very early on; his first R.O.B. form was lent by a local collector near dwangoAC and returned to him in time, while early on a R.O.B. plus an NES/SNES replay device from true was a prize at an early GDQ. However, only one TASBot body is shown to an audience at a time, preserving the suspension of disbelief around his character in a similar manner to how Buster was treated on the show Mythbusters. There are now multiple TASBot bodies, recently referred to as TASBods, allowing TASBot to appear at multiple locations in a way similar to how there is a Mickey Mouse in Disneyland and Disney World that never meet in person.